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Whether you are a real estate agent looking to refer out or make new connections, or a buyer, seller or investor looking to find your perfect agent, MyRealTalk is for you!

How Can We Help You with MyRealTalk

Promote Yourself

Marketing can be expensive, and websites can be confusing. MyRealTalk makes it easy for agents to promote themselves in real time, all while being budget friendly.

Find an Agent

Buyers, Sellers and Investors, are you feeling overwhelmed with that amount of agents out there? MyRealTalk makes it easy to find an agent that matches with your personality and needs, all while protecting your personal info until you are ready to engage an agent.

Quick Messaging

Whether you are looking to send referrals, or find an agent MyRealTalk can help. All messaging is in real time, and notifications go right to the users cell phone for quick, and easy communication.

Some of the best features of our App!

Easy to Customize

Agents can create cool, real time profiles with video.

Budget Friendly

Keep costs low as an agent, and FREE for buyers, sellers and investors.

Extreme Security

Buyers, sellers and investors only give their information when they want! No more giving up all of your personal info before getting the info that you need.

One Stop Shop

No more poking around on multiple sites, it is a one stop shop for agents in the United States.

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Join My Realtalk To Boost Your Real Estate Career

Join My Realtalk To Boost Your Real Estate Career

Are you a real estate agent looking to take your career to the next level? Look only as far as My RealTalk, the USA's premier online resource for realtors. MyRealTalk is the place to go if you're a real estate agent trying to refer out or create new connections, or a buyer, seller, or investor looking to discover your ideal agent!